University of Charleston
“During the 10 years they’ve been our agents they helped us develop our successful employee Wellness program, introduce our HRA, and guided us through carrier rate negotiations and plan design changes.”
Vice President, Cleta Harless

Appalachian Tire, Inc.
“In the 4 years that they have been our agents our Group Health rates have not increased, and their service has been excellent.”
President, Jennie Dial

Jan Care Ambulance
“During the previous 5 years Brian and Greg have used carrier and plan changes, as well as an HRA, to keep our rate increases to around 2% per year. Then this past renewal we had a 9% rate decrease!”
Vice President, Todd Cornett

The Baughan Group, Inc.
“Their creativity has helped us control our plan costs for our employees in 4 states. They’ve also helped us maintain aggressive Property, Liability and Workman Comp rates.”
CFO, Rhonda Lane

Radical Rehab Solutions, Inc.,
“They accurately forecast our HRA costs and total savings, and have correctly advised us with our ancillary products and employee questions.”
Manager HR, Joe McCagg


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